El Personal: Mike Flood, Compositor


Hola a todos, soy Mike Flood y estoy muy animado de ser el compositor por Catarina Studios. Ni puedo esperar el empiezo de mi trabajo en Guerras de Payasos.

Si te digo un poco acerca mi mismo, yo diga que compongo y produzco música de muchos estilos, usando influencia de muchas personas durante mi vida. He componido canciones y he tocado en bandas de Rock, Pop, Pop de Británica y Nuevo Campo. También soy organista en una iglesia del siglo XI.

He componido y producido música para videos y peliculas para muchos años. “¿Cuáles son algunos de sus favoritos compositores de películas?”preguntas. Bueno, eso es una pregunta difícil para contestar, pero pienso que Danny Elfman y Bernarnd Hermann son algunos de mis preferidos.

Pero espera…¿una iglesia del siglo XI? ¿Por qué? Bueno, vivo en el Reino Unido.¡Gracias a Dios por el internet yo digo!

Si quieres saber mas acerca mi y mi musica, que miras mi cita a www.mikefloodmusic.com

Meet the Crew: Mike Flood, Composer


Hello everyone, I’m Mike Flood and I’m very excited to be the Composer for Caterina Studios. I can hardly wait to get started on Jester Wars.

If I were to tell you a little bit about me, I’d say that I compose and produce music in various styles, drawing on the many influences that have left their mark on me over the years. I’ve written songs for, and played in, Rock, Pop, Brit Pop and New Country bands. I’m also the organist at an 11th century church.

I’ve been composing and producing for music-to-picture projects for a number of years. “Who are his favourite film composers?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s a very difficult choice, but I think I’d go for Danny Elfman and Bernard Herrmann.

But wait… 11th century church? How come? Well, I’m based over the pond, in the UK. Thank goodness for the internet, that’s what I say!

If you’d like to find out a bit more about me and my music so far, please head on over to www.mikefloodmusic.com

La Busca por Animadores y Compositores


Catarina Studios está buscando por animadores y compositores para ayudarnos en nuestro nuevo proyecto; Guerras de Payasos!

Compositor: Flexibilidad de estilo. Estamos buscando por canciones caprichosos y alegres.

Animadores: Preferible alguien con acceso de programas de animación. Preferably with access to animation. Alguien que trabaja bien en grupos. Experiencia de un año es preferible pero no es requisito.

Este proyecto estará fundado mediante Patreon, entonces no podemos garantizar cuánto podemos pagar cada mes, pero podemos prometer exposición cuando entramas el Festival de Sundance en 2018, y también parte de lo que ganamos cuando vendamos los episodios después del festival.

Si tiene preguntas o quiere aplicar por estas posiciones, mira los links arriba de esta pagina or mandanos un mensaje a catarinastudios@gmail.com

Animator and Composer Search!


Catarina Studios is looking for a composer and animators to help us on our new, original project; Jester Wars!

Composer: Flexibility of style. Looking for a whimsical, upbeat feel.

Animator: Preferably with access to animation
software. Team player, one year experiance helpful but not required.

The project will be funded through Patreon so we can make no guarantee on the amount of pay, however we will promise exposure as we hope to debut this project at the 2018 Utah Sundance Film Festival as well as a part of our profits as we sell the downloads of the series after the festival.

If interested or have any questions, apply through the links above or contact us at catarinastudios@gmail.com

Ahora Somos Bilingües!

Nuestra studio está muy animada para anunciar que somos bilingual! Eso significa que todo nuestro contenido estará en inglés y español. La publicación initial será en inglés y las publicaciones españoles serán puestos el día siguiente. Queremos hacer eso para ensanchar nuestra audiencia y incluir todas las personas posibles en nuestros proyectos y actualizaciones.

También estamos buscando por actores de voz que hablan inglés y/o español que también pueden actuar en partes masculinos. No es un requisito que hablan los dos idiomas pero será preferible. Más información estará disponible muy pronto!


We are now Bilingual!

Catarina Studios is pleased to announce that we are now bilingual. That means all content posted by our studio will be made available in English and Spanish. Primary posts will still be made in English with the Spanish posts being put up the following day. We are doing to this to widen our audience and include as many people as we can on our projects and updates.

We are also looking for English and/or Spanish-speaking voice actors who can play male roles for our upcoming project as well. It is not required for you to be bilingual but it does help. More information will be coming soon!

Studio Update

With our Usher project failing to get it’s funding on Kickstarter, I’m sure you’re all wondering what our next move will be. Well, we’ve decided to put Poe on the shelf for a while and move onto an original story entitled “Jester Wars”

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.18.53 PM

The funding of this project will take place on Patreon and will be used to produce a mini series of about 5 episodes about a new world of jesters, clowns, mimes and magic. Stay tuned for more information as the project progresses!

We are now LIVE!

The Kickstarter is live and the clock is ticking! With only 30 days to raise our $10,718.49 goal, we need all the shares and support you can give us. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #usheredin when you share so we can get this trending! Donate here now!

New Kickstarter Launch date

Due to some technical difficulties, we have changed our Kickstarter launch date to June 13th. That’s less 24 hours until we launch our first campaign to fund the animation of the Fall of the House of Usher. We need your help to get us started on this so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to help preserve Poe’s name and help educators too! Check back here tomorrow or on any of our social media sites to get the link to the campaign. Or, just search POEssencials on Kickstarter.com.

Kickstarter Launch Date


After a bit of a hiatus, Catarina Studios is proud to announce that our Kickstarter has an official launch date. On June 6th our POEssentials Kickstarter will go live and we’ll be counting on all of you Poe fans to support us!

The project’s hashtag is #usheredin so use it when you talk about it so we can get this trending across social media.